What did Iqbal said on capitalism?

 Iqbal was a staunch critic of capitalism, which he believed to be based on the principle of self-interest and exploitation. He argued that capitalism leads to the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few, while the majority of people remain impoverished. He also criticized capitalism for its emphasis on materialism and its disregard for spiritual values.

Iqbal believed that Islam, with its emphasis on social justice and human equality, offered a more just and equitable alternative to capitalism. He advocated for a form of Islamic socialism that would combine the economic efficiency of capitalism with the social justice of Islam.

One of Iqbal's most famous statements on capitalism is: "The whole capitalist system is based on the exploitation of man by man. It is a system which breeds materialism and ignores the spiritual values of life."

Iqbal's critique of capitalism was influential on many Muslim thinkers and activists, and it continues to be relevant today as Muslims grapple with the challenges of globalization and economic inequality.


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